About us

Rotunda is a privately owned and managed paper converting and printing company specialising in thermal paper solutions.

We are a level 3 BEE enterprise, with 25.1% black ownership of which 10.04% belongs to black women.

Why us?

We have the knowledge, experience and capacity to meet your entire thermal or bond paper point of sale, ATM, banking solutions, ticketing and specialized thermal roll and fan fold requirements.

We continue to develop cost-effective print solutions for the customization of your products to the highest levels of quality.

Only superior quality raw materials are used in our processes and our paper products are recyclable.

Rotunda provides a rapid and super rapid response for urgent deliveries.

Rotunda delivers nationwide and exports into Sub-Saharan Africa such as Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Seychelles & Mauritius.

Stringent quality assurance systems ensure product conforms to exact length or diameter specifications.

Our Vision

We are the preferred supplier of bond and thermal paper roll and fan fold solutions to customers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are the preferred employer in our industry.

Our Values

Integrity  •  Achievement  •  Respect  •  Leadership  •  Enjoyment

Our Mission

We will…
Be a preferred supplier to those who have a need for bond or thermal paper solutions or related products, by striving for excellence in quality, service and value.
Be a profitable company through the responsible use of our assets and by seeking fair value for our goods and services.

We are…
Building a high performance workforce that reflects the diversity of our society through the development of our people, their skills and dreams.

We will…
Put back into our community.
Be kind to our environment.

This will be achieved within our value system of integrity, achievement, respect, leadership and enjoyment.